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    What the critics said about ‘Supertall Sam

What this story is about

Sam Browne, a teenager, stands out from the crowd – and he hates it!

It’s not his fault he’s the fastest growing boy in school. He knocks his head going through doorways, hangs over the end of his bed, and has to wear home-made clothes.

Sam would swap all his good grades for some of Roger Snell’s sporting talent.

Roger, the school’s “kid with everything”, thinks slow-moving Sam’s a joke – the perfect butt for his cruel sense of humour.

But Sam’s an optimist and when he fights back, Roger forces a showdown on the basketball court.

For Sam, it’s the moment of truth.

Young Adult Fiction (10+)

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First published in 1993 by HarperCollins New Zealand
Text © Tom Bradley 1993
Cover Artwork © Brian Harrison 1993

This edition © Tom Bradley 2019

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