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   What the critics said about ‘The Screaming Tree

What this story is about

Brett Nichol, 16, has heard screaming in his head since he was five.

After a drunken party goes tragically wrong, he’s sent away to stay with his surly grandfather in remote Timberside, a town with a grisly past.

There Brett meets Karla and discovers the tall pine tree with a scream of its own… and the decomposing killer who won’t stay in his grave.

But why does his mother now want Brett dead?

And what is the terrifying family secret that only Granddad knows? Will it prove a death sentence for the whole town?

Shock follows shock as the story races to its thrilling climax…

Young Adult Fiction (10+)

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First published in 1994 by HarperCollins New Zealand
Text © Tom Bradley 1994
Cover Artwork © Brian Harrison 1994

This edition © Tom Bradley 2019

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