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   What the critics said about ‘The Hunt for Samantha

What this story is about

Scott Wilson gets a double shock when he suddenly learns he’s adopted and has a twin, Samantha, stolen at birth from their dying mother’s bedside. Is his missing sister dead… and buried? Or is she still alive?

Obsessed with finding the truth, Scott rejects his adoptive parents and hits the road. Along the way he meets Lauren, a feisty hitchhiker with her own quest – to break a grim cycle of unloving foster families and find a permanent home.

Together, they start to unravel the past, but there’s another shock in store. Someone else is looking for Samantha… someone who wants her dead!

For Scott and Lauren, the hunt for Samantha now becomes a life-or-death race against the clock as the book hurtles towards an unexpected climax.  

Young Adult
Fiction (10+)
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First published in 1995 by HarperCollins New Zealand
Text © Tom Bradley 1995
Cover Artwork © Richard Hoit 1995

This edition © Tom Bradley 2019

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