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Johnny Whistler and the Whizzbang Tandem Race

What this story is about
(Third book in the Johnny Whistler series)

Johnny’s old enemy, Bayside’s ex-mayor, Herbert Hatfield, is plotting again. This time he plans to sponsor a big tandem race to publicise his new cycle factory, but keep all the prize money for himself.

He’s imported two cheating villains to help him do it. And he’ll succeed, too, if Johnny, Bouncer, Debbie and three giant, rubbery, hard-pedalling spiders can’t find some tandems to ride.

The twists and turns of this Johnny Whistler adventure are as wild and winding as the race over Mountain Road, where no one knows what’s around the next corner. 

Junior Fiction (7+)
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First published in 1993 by HarperCollins New Zealand
Text © Tom Bradley 1993
Cover Artwork © Trevor Pye 1993

This edition © Tom Bradley 2019

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