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Johnny Whistler and the Spiders

What this story is about
(First book in the Johnny Whistler series)

Johnny Whistler, 12, Bayside’s popular busker, and his best friend, Bouncer Scott, think life is all fun and show biz, until they discover evidence that the town’s bullying Mayor, Herbert Hatfield, has been dumping toxic waste at sea.

But Mayor Hatfield owns the local newspaper, the local radio station, and the ship that dumps his factory’s poisonous waste. And the ship’s crew quickly removes the boys’ evidence – the leaking drums they found on the rocks at Needle Point.

Then Johnny, Bouncer, and Johnny’s sister, Debbie, find unusual evidence of another kind – the three small sand spiders they rescued from the toxic spillage that have become multi-coloured monsters.

And they soon discover just how useful these huge spiders can be in tackling the Mayor and his environmentally mucky factory.

Junior Fiction (7+)
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First published in 1992 by HarperCollins New Zealand
Text © Tom Bradley 1992
Cover Artwork © Trevor Pye 1992

This edition © Tom Bradley 2019

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