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Big Hit by Tom Bradley

What this story is about

Greg has some big challenges. He’s about to play an important game of cricket for his dad’s team, and he’s spending hours with his cricket bat, practising in front of the mirror.
Being bowled at by the fastest bowler in the world, the dreaded Drac, and smashing him to the boundary to win the game.
Greg really wants to do well, and he really, really wants to impress someone who will be there watching.
Flawless Fiona. The girl who Greg thinks is the most perfect girl at school.
But Greg has a problem. So big he even wonders if he should play, because if Fiona sees him, he’s sure she’ll laugh.
It feels like the biggest problem he’s ever faced.
Right on the end of his nose.


Young Adult Fiction (10+)

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‘Big Hit’ was first published in 2003 by Reed Publishing as part of their Australasian “Personal Best” sporting anthology, edited by Tessa Duder.

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