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The 'Johnny Whistler' Series
  (Junior Fiction 7+)

Johnny Whistler and the Spiders
J.Whistler 1

Johnny Whistler and Royal Ruby Circus
J.Whistler 2

Johnny Whistler and the Whizzbang Tandem Race
J.Whistler 3

Johnny Whistler and the Madcap Cricket Match
J.Whistler 4


'The Brightside Bunch' Series   (Junior Fiction 7+)

Bakers Dozen - Crowded House
Brightside 1

Bakers Dozen - Double Dilemma
Brightside 2

Bakers Dozen - Trading Spaces
 Brightside 3

Bakers Dozen - Fair Weather
Brightside 4

Bakers Dozen - Father Daze
Brightside 5

Bakers Dozen - Nine Lives
Brightside 6

Young Adult Fiction (10+)

Supertall Sam

The Screaming Tree

The Hunt for Samantha

Shorter Stories (7+ and 10+)

Big Hit
Big Hit

Reddy or Knott!

Baker's Dozen


Rat Cat

Holly's Happy Paint

The Lucky Balloon


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